6 Ways to be Wrinkle Free

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Scrubs have come a long way. Avoid iron demanding fabrics like cotton. Cotton wrinkles, shrinks, & eventually can fade. Most scrubs these days do not need an iron to be wrinkle free. Get the scrubs that are made from a cotton and polyester blend.

Take the proactive approach (6 ways to de-wrinkle scrubs)

  1. Try out the latest wrinkle free fabrics from brands like Jockey, Grey’s Anatomy, and Koi Sapphire. No cotton!
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  3. Any fabric can stay wrinkle free if hung right out of the dryer
  4. Ever heard of Hillbilly Ironing? Not sure how it got its name but we’ve heard from many customers from all walks of life saying this is all they do: Hang them from the shower rod (farthest from the faucet) when you shower. The steam relaxes the fabric. Try it & let us know if it worked for you!
  5. A unique and also test worthy option hits 2 birds with 1 stone: After you finish flat ironing your hair, flat-iron wrinkles, collars and edges of your scrubs. With as hot as my CHI gets, it works for a quick touch-up.
  6. Need 100% wrinkle free In-a-Hurry?
  7. De-wrinkle before you leave for work with a wet washcloth in the dryer for 15 minutes or
    Use Downy Wrinkle Release (or go with a home made version) spray and tug wrinkles out

Post your ideas on how you keep your uniforms wrinkle free. Do you prevent it with the scrubs you buy, or take special care with the ones you’ve got? We love hearing your response

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